Viruses have invaded!

Immuno is a color-matching, puzzle, shoot-‘em-up game from Wulfpup Studios. We’ve taken the classic color-matching concept and squashed it together with a skill-shooting mechanic much like Space Invaders to make this nail-biting, virus-filled, mutant baby we call IMMUNO.  It’s like popping bubble wrap, but the bubbles bite back!

 photo IMMUNO_Lungs_Hard_Bomb_Ultimate.gif


  • Whimsical cartoon graphics:  Immuno is jam packed with mischievous characters, hilarious animations, and colorful worlds for you to explore!
  • Procedurally generated gameplay:  Immuno possesses a meticulously crafted gameplay experience that will feel fresh and different every time it is played.
  • Touch enabled: Give it a tap tap tappy! Touch controls work on tablets and tablet PCs.  Or if you like the mouse and keyboard we have you covered there too.  The game automatically detects which input you use.
  • Bonuses: Immuno is a survival game. It offers seven unique bonuses to help you stay in the fight longer. Collect them to use later or instantly as needed.
  • Elites and Bosses: Immuno introduces a whole cast of zany characters. Five elite viruses constantly change up the gameplay with custom powers and abilities. Players will have to put on their thinking caps to face the six unique boss battles.
  • Achievements: Players can attain a plethora of specific game play milestones, with rewards ranging from in-game currency to XP.
  • Endless Mode: Players will fight to survive against an infinite horde of viruses and bosses for highscore, XP, and bragging rights.  How many waves can you survive!?!

 photo IMMUNO_SpitterBoss_Hard_Fail.gif

About Wulfpup Studios

Wulfpup studios is indie development studio founded by AAA game veteran Richard Pince and his cousin Quinn McDonald. 

At Wulfpup Studios we firmly believe in the philosophy, easy to learn hard to master. We design games that satisfy the person looking for a quick thrill but we also leave the door open to more serious gamers looking for a real challenge.

 photo IMMUNO_Muscles_Medium_Bomb_Timeslow.gif

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